I’ve been meaning to write this post all week, but laziness and general sloth-like behaviours seem to have taken priority instead I’m afraid.

A Free Man has spent this week having some fun in the sun and while he’s been frollicking on the beach, he’s asked a few guests to keep the home fires burning. You can check out my post about a solo holiday I took last year over here, as well as the totally addictive Hello Saferide tunes that accompanied my trip.

Captain Obvious serves up another one of his stellar Covers Mixtapes. Includes coverage by A.C Newman, The Antlers, Cold War Kids, Sufjan Stevens, Delta Spirit and more. Very nice.

Join Any Major Dude With Half A Heart on his American Road Trip. So far we’ve visited Albuquerque (best name for a town ever, seriously), Amarillo and Oklahoma City, accompanied by Neil Young, Emmylou Harris and Deep Vibration.

Smansmith over at Slowcoustic has posted a sweet track by The Low Anthem, a recent and most wonderful discovery here at It All Started. Look out for a post from me on these guys in the next few days also.

Music Is Art has got to be one of the best looking blogs around. Featuring both music and art interchangeably, every post is a gem. I was particularly enchanted by the art of Joshua Petker this week, beautiful stuff.

And to wrap it all up, this week’s Contrast Podcast was all about songs which offer advice. My choice was ‘The Hanging Tree’ by Nightjar, which warns careless visitors against the dangers of commiting crimes, however minor, in small towns. It’s cold in the shade of the hanging tree.

Now, I had every intention of including ‘The Hanging Tree’ here but for inexplicable reasons known only to wordpress, the upload function will let me bring you the two tracks you see below, but not the one that I really wanted to post! So I beseech you to visit Nightjar’s myspace and listen to ‘The Hanging Tree’, as well as the other wonderful tracks they have to offer. ‘Lady Of The Calico’ is also a favourite.

Don’t Wake The Scarecrow – The Felice Brothers

(Why Don’t You Go) Take A Hike? – Thunder Power

Image by Harold Davis, here.