When I first heard ‘Scattered Diamonds’ by Brisbane indie four piece Hungry Kids Of Hungary this morning I actually thought it was a Vampire Weekend track. I must admit to being a little hesitant to tell you that because public opinion on Vampire Weekend seems to be so divided that perhaps saying that will cause you to write these guys off, but I urge to at least have a listen before you form an opinion. And if the members of HKOH are reading this and are also displeased with this comparison, please be assured that I mean nothing negative by it. I guess all I really need to say is, if you like catchy beats, great melodies, percussion breakdowns and oodles of ‘oooh-ooh-oohs’ then you will like this track. Plain and simple.

(And I don’t know why some people seem to hate Vampire Weekend so much by the way. They’re not my favourite band in the world, but they do make fun music. And ‘Oxford Comma’ in particular is a fantastic track.)

Anyway, back to Hungry Kids Of Hungary. ‘Scattered Diamonds’ is the only track that calls to mind my earlier comparison, with ‘Set It Right’ also offering catchy melodies but with a more laidback feel. These guys draw their influnces from blues and soul and have a sweet retro 1960’s rock vibe going on. Their debut EP Hungry Kids Of Hungary is out now, with their followup EP Mega Mountain due for release on April 3, with gigs galore happening throughout March and April in most capital cities. While I’ve only heard a handful of tracks so far, I definitely reckon these guys are onto something good.

Scattered Diamonds – Hungry Kids Of Hungary

Set It Right – Hungry Kids Of Hungary