Well this USED to be a music blog but it seems it’s time to write about other things. God knows what you’ll find here now. I’m still not sure myself.

Rest assured though that some things will never change. I still enjoy long walks on the beach, basket weaving, playing the recorder, roasting chestnuts on an open fire and training my pet kangaroo to fetch. I go to the polls because I have to, but I don’t understand why we have to vote in pencil. When I grow up I’m going to be a parking inspector, because I think all people should have the right to draw on other people’s cars and litter on their windscreens.

And no, my name is not really Agnes. Sadly.

You can also check out my photo blog It All Started With A Pentax, my tumblr or follow me on twitter.


23 thoughts on “About”

  1. Hi Agnes,
    In future if you could write more about me that would be very much appreciated.
    Perhaps a blog or two about what songs remind you of me. Nothing too over the top please, kep your feelings in check.

    • sorry.thought I’d give it a stab:)We love your blog:)

      we are a new act from Sydney called ‘The Brutal Poodles’. We have just finished an EP and are starting to gig around. We really dig your blog, and would be interested in hearing your thoughts on what we’ve been doing:).

      Here’s our myspace that has a couple tracks.


      And here is a link you can download the rest of our EP from.

      We will have a few new videos up over the next month…
      In the meantime you can check out a vid, that is a composite of live takes of video and audio:)

      If you like it we can send you out a CD:)


      the Brutal Poodles

      sorry for posting it here:(We love you:)

  2. ApricotPie said:

    Songs about Elspeth. Puh-lease.

    Why do I get no mention? I seem to remember my being very prominent in your journey towards musical appreciation. Us, you, the caravan. Wannabe, The Spice Girls.


  3. I also seem to be missing from the mentions of important influences. A few thoughts …. van ….. heart soothing …… NO you’re not pretty enough ….

  4. Somebody help me, I’m being spontaneous……


  5. Where do I figure in this journey? Agnes do you appreciate k.d lang’s soaring vocals….if not we cannot go on…please give these thoughts serious consideration and let me know…

    Yours windswept and interestingly…..


  6. oh2btigger said:

    I think you have a great sense of humor and I’m going to put your blog on my blogrolls.

  7. itallstarted said:

    Thanks Tigger! Am glad you’ve found something to entertain you here, and thanks for the blogroll plug!

  8. It is sad that ios not your real name i had fallin in love wit that name. I am very interested in basket weaving i am hopeing that you will be able to teach me. I to have a pet kangaroo and i would apperiate teaching it to fetch. Many was the night where i sat next to the camp fire and roasted chestnuts.

  9. Very amazing idea you have here.

  10. moeneth said:

    are you from melbourne?

  11. itallstarted said:

    I’m not from Melbourne, but I do head down there from time to time to check out the odd gig or two, or to go to the footy. Am glad that I don’t live there, not fan of traffic and loads of people! Great place to go for a visit though.

  12. it is a great place to visit

  13. Well Agnes (that name is great), glad to meet ya. On my blogroll now as I need to get here more often!

  14. I was reading this, and thought, what a nice person. Oh, it’s Agnes. A woman. Ah, only women are nice. Men never like such things.

    p.s. What really made me smile was the ‘when i grow up’ phrase, because i used to say that too.

  15. itallstarted said:

    Glad you like what you see Eve, thanks for stopping by!

  16. elspethlomax said:

    Hahaha just read Cracker’s comment. He must be a funny one.

  17. itallstarted said:

    Oh my word, he really is.

  18. Agnes, interested in a blog link exchange? I’m at MysteryTricycle.com. Really enjoy your stuff, I’m a daily reader now!


  19. Hello,

    Wanted to let ya know that we have a new album coming out. If you want to learn more email us.

    you wrote about us in the past so wanted to keep ya up to date!

  20. nice blog not agnes. Cheers.

  21. Hey there,

    I recently recorded an EP with Paul Brandoli (Tune in Tokyo, Inaya Day, Natalie Gauchi) which I think you’ll really love!

    I’d really love to send you my current EP for review and inclusion on your blog.

    Wondering if you might be able to forward me your mailing address so I can pop it in the mail to you.

    You can check it out here:

    Many thanks!

  22. Hi Agnes whats cracking?
    Been following your blog for a while and thought you might like some tracks our band has recently recorded
    They’re a bit different but we think you’ll dig ’em
    Please visit http://www.soundcloud.com/crasscreatures where you can download the tracks for free
    Have a good day!

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