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My three year old nephew is having a sleepover here tonight and this is what we’ve been singing. It is the first song he requests when we listen to my iPod. He’s too young to understand the meaning of the song of course but loves to sing along to the chorus and even mimics the funny voice. His favourite part is the laugh that follows the ‘she’s chewing on Juicy Fruit, I’m chewing on PK’ line. My favourite part is the ‘no-one else came near her cos I was too tough’ line. Loved by myself and my sisters when we were little, now being passed on to the next generation. Awesome.

Boogie With M’ Baby – John Williamson

Aussie folk/country singer John Williamson is a bit of an icon in these parts, but I mostly remember him for his funny songs, like the one above. Or like ‘Big Bad Bushranger’, about an outlaw even meaner than Ned Kelly.

Late at night when the sun goes down and everyone’s asleep in town
I count all my money in my dressing gown, I’m a big, bad bush-bushranger

I’m a bush, I’m a bush, I’m a bush-bushranger
Runnin’ from the law, livin’ on danger
Bang, bang, hands up, stick’em up straight
I’m a big, bad bush-bushranger

I sleep every mornin’ till half past nine, have m’brekky in bed, then rise and shine
Get dressed in my best for my life of crime
I’m a big bad bush-bushranger


Big Bad Bushranger – John Williamson

The post title is a line from ‘Boogie With M’ Baby’. In case you were wondering.