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Song By Toad: From – Thoughts? Ok now this was pretty interesting. Matthew put up three tracks by an artist by the name of ‘From’ and gave everyone a day to listen to the tracks and leave a comment with their thoughts. The interesting part is that he published the comments all at once, giving everybody the chance to give their honest opinion without being influence by the comments of others. Very cool. I can inform you that I was not impressed at all by this artist, but I will let you read the other comments to see how my opinion compared to the others. In addition to being a great way to get uninfluenced opinions, I also thought it was an excellent strategy to bring an artist to the attention of others. While her gear wasn’t at all my cup of tea, I don’t think I would’ve even listened had it not been for the inventive way Matthew chose to present it. Check it out.

The Vinyl Villain: Gig Review – Frightened Rabbit Glasgow Oh, to have been there…

I Guess I’m Floating: Thursdays and Covers Beck covers the ever-popular Hot In Herre, plus Grace Potter & The Nocturnals and a Beatles cover.

Contrast Podcast: Songs With Sound Effects In Them I didn’t get my act together in time to contribute to this one, but like always the CP is full of all kinds of musical goodness. I’m busy trying to come up with something for next week’s episode: The eighth deadly sin should be…stealing paperclips from your office? talking with your mouth full? admitting that you listened to a Peter Andre song on the radio once back in 1996? The options are endless.

And this is a pretty novel way to write poetry. Get it? Novel? My talents are wasted here.

Some mp3s for your trouble.

Lovins For Fools – Sarah Siskind Simple, understated, beautiful.

Bird – Pilla Gorgeous track from Leeds acoustic folk outfit. Love the harmonies.

And another version of Nelly’s immortal classic, courtesy of JC at The Vinyl Villain.

Hot In Herre – Jenny Owen Youngs

Fishing boat pic from here.