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twilight-of-the-gods.jpgChosen Ones: Some of my favourite bands/artists. I’m only covering some of them in this post, however most of them have been discussed at some stage here at It All Started, and I find myself adding more as I continue to explore the wonderful world of the music blog. I’m not going to go on about how awesome they all are – if you already know them, then you are aware of their brilliance. If you don’t know them already, take a punt, download their tunes and maybe one day they’ll become your Chosen Ones as well. Enjoy!

Is There A Ghost – Band Of Horses

Release – George

Little Lovin’ – Irene

Navy Taxi – Kate Nash

Who Doesn’t Wanna Give Me Love – Murder Mystery

Start A War – The National

The President’s Dead – Okkervil River

Passenger – Powderfinger

Heysatan – Sigur Ros