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Have suddenly discovered art journals, via the magic (and serious time sucker) Pinterest. Check these out willya? Wow.

Inspired, today I thought I’d give it a go, and splurged on some new stationery. This is something I try not to do too often because I bloody love the stuff, but I was quite restrained today. I came away with new fine liners, some funky textas and some watercolour pencils. Nothing too fancy or out there, and more than capable of carrying out my fairly modest artistic ambitions!

I’ve started two different journals today, and one of them I think might be a lyrics based one. I know, what a surprise!

Here’s how the first page came out

I know it won’t win any awards, but it was fun and I think it’s cute, and I reckon that’s all that matters!

And The Boys – Angus & Julia Stone

Some art journal love:

Balzer Designs

Judy Wise

Teesha’s Circus

And if you too are a sucker for Pinterest, come find me!