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Fuck, it’s cold this winter. I use the expletive because it really is bloody fucking cold here this year.

I know this because I bought a new coat last year that I reckon I only wore three times. This year that beautiful gorgeous smoky-grey fitted lifeline has never left my side. Or my back.

I need sunshine and warmth and blue sky and usually in this neck of the woods the days may start frosty but burst into full sun by 10am. This winter though the heavens remain stubbornly grey and gloomy.  And the wind! It’s the kind that rips right through you and lets you know without a doubt that somewhere out there it’s snowing like nobody’s business. Whatever that means.

So the antidote to all this wintry woe? Lots of couch time with a hot water bottle and one of the quilts that Mum made me. And tons of books – I read seven books last week! I had a couple of days off which explains a little of the excess reading time, but I tell you what, it was just what I needed.

This summery mix from I Am Fuel, You Are Friends has also gone a long way towards taking my mind off the yucky weather lurking outside my window. The whole thing is available for download here, and I especially love the two tracks you see available for download below.

I absolutely adore ‘Rio’ by Hey Marseilles. There’s a kinda hypnotic rhythm to the lyrics that I love and there are horns and strings and tempo changes and it’s all wonderful stuff. Listen!

Silhouette seasons and far-away reasons are all I have now
Borders can keep me if Rio will have me to dance and to drown
Take to the harbor like sails to set
Sleep for the evening in failed regret
Hold on to skylines of pale and coal
Clouds on horizons and love to grow old

On the way I will go 
Where the days left to breathe
Are not gone, are still long
I am traveling on

Love is a hazard in lower Manhattan
You cannot escape, and musn’t be saddened
By men who abandon your eyes for another’s
There are always Brazilian boys to discover….

Rio – Hey Marseilles

‘Vocal Chords’ by Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr (yes… it’s a strange name) is another favourite. It’s the chorus I think, the way the vocals rise at the end of each line. I don’t know why but that just totally works for me and I find myself singing it over and over again, for days sometimes. And this bit – –

I am your love
There is no other voice
I want to hear but yours
Whispering vocal chords

Is a tad soppy I guess, but I don’t care. Love it.

Vocal Chords – Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr