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That is, as they say, the question and I’ve been pondering it this afternoon as I’ve been cleaning out my cupboards and madly searching my kitchen for minute holes in the walls because my state has been beset by mice in plague proportions this last month or so, and the little buggers are STILL finding ways to get in.

So as I threw out and rearranged and wiped and scrubbed and cursed, I wondered whether or not this post was going to be my last. I’ve hardly listened to any new music in the last couple of months, but have been flogging the same 60 track playlist since January, with a few old favourites thrown on the stereo every now and then – The National, Sigur Ros, Withered Hand, Frightened Rabbit, Mountain Goats… and I find myself without a lot to say at the moment.

Big changes are going on away from the blog, and somehow, without realising it, I’ve moved on.

I don’t think this is my last post ever, but it seems that the need to blog has left me for a while and what was once an almost daily need is now something that I don’t find myself missing at all.

I’ll still be checking in but for now, consider the blog on the back burner. Thanks for reading and commenting and for enjoying the words and music you’ve found here. I can’t tell you how wonderful it’s been.

~ Agnes

Can’t leave you without some tunes now, can I?

Here are a few tracks that kept me company this afternoon. Enjoy.

Untitled (Love Song) – Romany Rye

Cherry Tulips – Headlights

Your Museum – Matthew Ryan

Everywhere (Live) – Fleetwood Mac


Distant Sun – Crowded House

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