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I’ve accidentally had one of those I-can’t-be-bothered-blogging moments weeks. I don’t mean it. They just happen. So this is one of those I’m-still-alive posts where I babble on for a line or two and then chuck a couple of obligatory songs your way in order to keep the blog ticking over until I find something meaningful to say again. It will involve The National though, I promise.

Tonight it’s all about the beer and the Chinese and Tomorrow When The War Began on DVD. I absolutely adore those books and have read them countless times. I was so worried when I saw the movie, and almost didn’t see it because I was afraid they’d really stuff it up and ruin a bloody awesome story, but they actually did a halfway decent job. Except they got Robyn totally wrong – she’s nowhere near that prissy in the books.

Those obligatory songs I mentioned earlier – they’re both from the Tomorrow soundtrack and can be listened to and downloaded below.

Until we meet again…

Fader – The Temper Trap

Flame Trees (Cold Chisel Cover) – Sarah Blasko