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This is my desk. The owls were a Christmas present. And if those other presents are still sitting on the desk that means I forgot to put them back under the tree and both my brothers-in-law are now short a gift. Oops.

The big day has arrived! And if you’re reading this on Christmas Day I’m assuming you’ve just stolen away from the family with some excuse like ‘I’m just popping off to get that eggnog for Aunty Mildred’ (seriously, does anybody actually drink that stuff? The name doesn’t exactly say DRINK ME, DRINK ME, DRINK ME does it?), but I actually wrote this last Tuesday in a panicky I-am-so-running-out-of-time-to-get-all-my-shit-done kinda mood, and I’m now spending time with my all my people while you’re reading this and did this overly long sentence ever have a point? I don’t know, I was eating cherries and drinking gin and watching Tim Minchin on the telly as I wrote this and hey… he’s funny.

So here are my favourite Christmas songs and I’ve just realised that this is the second Withered Hand track that I’m posting this week and I don’t care because it’s wonderful and you don’t have to play it if you don’t want to. But you should, because it’s Christmas and I said so and it’ll mean four extra minutes away from Aunty Mildred’s disapproving tuts at all the noise the kids are making and that slightly sour smell that her liberal lashings of lavender water haven’t quite managed to mask.

It’s A Wonderful Lie – Withered Hand

Have Yourself A Merry Little Christmas – Sleeping At Last

Silent Night – Dead Letter Chorus

In Excelsis Deo – There Will Be Fireworks

Merry Christmas to you, wherever you are and whatever you’re doing. Eat, drink (not eggnog though, blerggh) and be… well you know how it goes. Enjoy!

I shall leave you with my favourite Tim Minchin performance, which also happens to be a Christmas song. I adore it.