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This time last year I posted my top 40 tracks of 2009.

1. Religious Songs – Withered Hand

2. Two – The Antlers

3. William Henry Miller Pt. 1 – Meursault

4. Love In The Time Of Ecstasy – Withered Hand

5. Kettering – The Antlers

6. White Blank Page – Mumford & Sons

7. Cornflake – Withered Hand

8. William Henry Miller Pt. 2 – Meursault

9. Bear – The Antlers

10. Oslo Novelist – Grand Archives

11. Winter Winds – Mumford & Sons

12. Northern Lights – Bowerbirds

13. Ruby – Roadside Graves

14. Madame Shocking – The Silent Years

15. Sigh No More – Mumford & Sons

16. Love Or Limb – Meursault

17. California On My Mind – Wild Light

18. Valley – Roadside Graves

19. The Cave – Mumford & Sons

20. People Say – Portugal. The Man

21. Sweet Disposition – The Temper Trap

22. Guiding Light – Muse

23. So Far Around The Bend – The National

24. Folding Chair – Regina Spektor

25. City Of The Dead – Pinstripe 45′s

26. With This Ship – The Basics

27. Familiar Light – Asobi Seksu

28. Black Ice – Ohbijou

29. Uprising – Muse

30. Far And Wide – Roadside Graves

31. Roll Away Your Stone – Mumford & Sons

32. 40 Day Dream – Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeros

33. Brother – Little Birdy

34. HiFi Goon – Throw Me The Statue

35. She Don’t Love Me – The Loops

36. I Love You, But Goodbye – Langhorne Slim

37. Antiques – Concept: Bravery

38. LaLaLa – The Loops

39. Suicide – The Raveonettes

40. Orchard – The Honey Trees

And how do I feel about them now? The Antlers are an every-now-and-then listen for me because of the sheer intensity of that album but I fall in love with it all over again every time I play it. Meursault are still going strong, getting a decent amount of spin on the stereo. Mumford & Sons… well I’ve gone off them a little bit lately and I think it’s because they were all hyped up and I kept hearing them on the radio in change rooms and shopping centres and that just didn’t sit right with me. They’re still good and all, but I need to remember that I loved them at least six months before they won Triple J’s Hottest 100 I think!

Muse & Temper Trap? Not even on my radar any more. That Wild Light track? Couldn’t remember it until I chased it up and it’s ok, but number 17? Yeah, no idea what I was thinking there. Number 34, ‘Hi Fi Goon’? A place holder, nothing more. Come to think of it, the last seven tracks on that list all belong in that category. Good songs, yes, but deserving of the Top 40? Perhaps not.

There are a few songs that I still really love. ‘Northern Lights’ by the Bowerbirds is the only track from Upper Air that’s stuck with me. ‘People Say’ by Portugal. The Man is also the only solo cut that I from The Satanic Satanist that I really latched onto. Pretty album art too, although I still haven’t figured out how to fold it all back up again. I love cardboard covers, but that one was like a bloody Rubik’s cube!

Northern Lights – Bowerbirds

People Say – Portugal. The Man

It must’ve been the year for albums containing only one song that I liked – I adore ‘Oslo Novelist’ but the rest of Grand Archives’ Keep in Mind Frankenstein hasn’t really stayed with me either. And as for ‘Madame Shocking’ from the 2009 EP Let Go The Silent Years…. well I’d totally forgotten all about it until tonight. How did that happen… I used to play that thing incessantly. As I’m doing all over again now. I do love rediscovering a track like that.

Oslo Novelist – Grand Archives

Madame Shocking – The Silent Years

And as for my number 1 track? Well I was listening to Withered Hand just two days ago, so that is a love that’s still going strong. And ‘Religious Songs’ from last year’s Good News is still a favourite but there are several other tracks on that album that could easily have appeared at the top of my list. ‘Providence’. ‘I Am Nothing’. ‘For The Maudlin’ – oh, I love that one. A year on, these songs still tear me up. And you can read that as ‘tear’ (rip apart) or ‘tear’ (get all emotional like) – either and both are still true.

Religious Songs – Withered Hand