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I have twitter to thank for this band discovery – they followed me, I followed them… you know how it goes.

Trespassers William are Seattle based Matt Brown and Anna-Lynne Williams and they play this shoegazey stuff that reminds me a lot of Lanterns On The Lake. I’m not making a direct sound comparison here necessarily, but both bands have the same dreamy kinda quality, and also feature some seriously beautiful female vocals.

And this song, ‘Lie In The Sound’… it’s gorgeous.

Lie In The Sound – Trespassers William

This is pretty jolly lovely too.

The Lids – Trespassers William

Trespassers William have a 5 track EP entitled The Natural Order Of Things which is available on bandcamp via Gizeh Records. A free Winter Sampler is also available for download, featuring Trespassers William and several other artists from the Gizeh label.