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I mentioned Weepop Records the other day when I wrote about The Just Joans, and it turns out that they have many artists on their label that are right up my alley, all of whom have a free mp3 or two available on the site for free. Drew from Across The Kitchen Table also informs me that they send lollies with every music purchase! Well, he said sweets actually, but this Aussie girl just can’t pull that off without feeling silly, I’m afraid.

Here are a few tracks that grabbed my attention immediately – all three are light and shimmery and perfect for this steamy summery weather.

Balloons In The Sky – Transmittens | myspace | bandcamp | buy

Awesome Sneakers – The 1959 Hat Co. | myspace | buy

Phone Me, Phone Me – Colin Clary | lastfm | buy

(image via Fensepost)