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Lee over at Knox Road posted about Hey Rosetta! touring the US this month and not only did he remind me just how much I love these guys, he also alerted me to an mp3 they’ve made available on their site. You give them your email, they give you the mp3. A pretty sweet deal I reckon.

And the song! It’s a live performance of new track ‘Young Glass’ at SXSW earlier in the year and it’s beautiful. The cello and violin especially, are magic. Check out the video below and then go here to download the song.

This is the song that does it for me, time and time again. Seeing them perform this live was amazing. This is one night that I’m glad I rocked up to the pub in time to catch the support act. It was unreal. Lee’s right – you US and Canadian types should definitely head along to one of their shows.

There’s An Arc – Hey Rosetta!