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I found out about Siskiyou over at Thanks Captain Obvious, while checking out his October Mixtape. It’s thanks to a review of their self-titled debut album by my mate Sandy over at Slowcoustic that I also discovered that the band is made up of one current and one ex-member of Great Lake Swimmers and since I already love them it’s no wonder that I fell for Siskiyou straight away. I’ve not been able to stop listening to this one all afternoon. Love the understated beginning and the solo in the middle. And is that beautiful wobbly sound a saw being played?

Never Ever Ever Ever Again – Siskiyou

A visit to their myspace alerted me to more of their self-described ‘jovial hate ballads’, and also proved that they are not just a one song thing either – listen to ‘Everything I Have’ (tandem vocals, rustic beats and horns) and follow it immediately with ‘Funeral Song’ (low-key beginning, slow and steady build). It’s lovely stuff.

Siskiyou kick off an extensive tour of Canada and Europe tomorrow night to promote the album, which you can order in CD, vinyl or digital form here through Constellation Records.