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Top evening to ya folks! I’m all kinds of happy tonight and it’s quite ridiculous really. We finally have a government, and while I’m not stoked about Julia Gillard and her Labor party, I’m sure as hell thrilled that we’ve not been stuck with bloody Tony bloody Abbott. We lived through the 1950’s already, I don’t think we need to do it all over again.

I’ve celebrated our piss-poor stumble into new government by eating too many nachos and drinking too much beer and I’m about to clean up my messy house which doesn’t sound that exciting I know, but it’s Tuesday night, and what else are Tuesdays good for, but tidying up your abode with a drink in one hand and the stereo remote in the other?

First cab off the rank tonight – Jens Lekman’s ‘Your Arms Around Me’. I’m in love with this song. Truly.

I was slicing up an avocado
When you came up behind me
With your silent brand new sneakers
Your reflection I did not see

It was the hottest day in August
And we were heading for the sea
For a second my mind started drifting
You put your arms around me
You put your arms around me
You put your arms around me
You put your arms around

Blood spraying on the kitchen sink
What’s this I had time to think
I see the tip of my index finger
My mind is slowly creating a link

From your mouth speaks your lovely voice
The softest words ever spoken
What’s broken can always be fixed; what’s fixed will always be broken

Your Arms Around Me – Jens Lekman