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There’s this drive that I do on a fairly regular basis but for some reason I never take the exact same route. It’s pretty open country and there are a couple of towns that I try to hit up on the way, and as long as I pass through them without diverting too much the drive usually takes around the same amount of time.

Last weekend I found yet another new way to go and came across this tiny abandoned church. It was missing a front door and was completely empty inside save for a few scribblings on the wall and the odd branch or two littering the floor. I was the only soul around for miles, the clouds were closing in and the loose piece of corrugated iron that flapped an irregular rhythm on the roof was the only thing that spoiled the silence.

I tiptoed around the building taking photos and peering through the windows. I could’ve wandered about inside but there was something a little eerie about the place and I couldn’t quite bring myself to enter. I do love discovering these places though – the more abandoned and run down the better.

I was trying to think of some music to go along with this picture, and couldn’t go past Bowerbirds – I can totally see a video like this being made in a church like that:

And this – for both the title and the general melancholy vibe of the song. It’s perfect.

Hardwood Pews – Horse Feathers