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It’s all quick pre-scheduled posts here for the next few days I’m afraid as I’m away from home for work this week. I love all the songs you’ll see here though, even if I’ve not had the time to write a lot about them!

The Jezabels are an indie rock type four-piece from Sydney who spent much of May touring Australia in support of Tegan & Sara. I don’t know much more about them than that, but their track ‘Easy To Love’ has copped a serious flogging around my place this weekend, and it’s all down to lead singer Hayley Mary’s vocals. They’re outstanding. Listening last night, I was reminded of both Shakespears Sister and Kate Bush, and I noted today that they were listed as influences on their myspace, which was kinda cool because I’m normally rubbish at all those ‘sounds like’ comparisons.

Anyway – I love this song. So much so that I can even ignore the part where they rhyme ‘sky’ with ‘thigh’ in the opening lines.

Easy To Love – The Jezabels

And I couldn’t go without leaving you with this. Hello, 1992. I’ve missed you.

Stay – Shakespears Sister

(image credit: gigchick via myspace)