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Big Scary (image credit: Ryley Brown)

A couple of Aussie outfits for you to check out today.

Melbourne’s Big Scary (who are neither big, nor scary, as far as I can tell) have hovered on the edge of my radar for some months now and I’ve been meaning to tell you about them for ages. They’ve come up with this cool idea to release an EP to celebrate each of the four seasons, culminating in a compilation to be released in January 2011, aptly titled Four Seasons. Their first release, Autumn is all kinds of infectious – building beats, driving piano and layered vocals that create a sound that surprises when you realise that Big Scary comprises only two members – Tom (vocals, guitar, piano, mandolin, roto toms and ukelele) and Jo (vocals, drums, glockenspiel, guitar, ukelele and shaker). The lyrics are direct and to the point as well. I like the line about death never looking so beautiful.

Feet keep on running, new light is coming our way.
Hands turn to pockets, the blues and the greens turn to browns and greys.

Leaves are falling all around, my feet can barely touch the ground

Hold tight, it’s time now, it’s time to send the food down to our roots.
Don’t run and cry yet, death has never looked so beautiful.

Feet keep on tapping, new rhythms we’re clapping today.
So sweep out your driveway, and hope that a new life comes your way

Autumn – Big Scary

Big Scary’s next installment in their ode to the seasons is the Winter EP, which is available for purchase now via their (really cute) website. Signing up to their mailing list will also net you a free download, ‘Thinking Of You’. Big Scary have quite a few dates booked throughout Oz in the next month or so as well – visit their myspace for details.

Cloud Control (image via myspace)

Cloud Control are based in the Blue Mountains in New South Wales and are a four piece indie rock/pop type outfit who are just about to embark upon a short jaunt around the UK to promote their latest album Bliss Release. One of their London gigs is being presented courtesy of Black Cab Sessions as well – here’s hoping that means they’ll be making an appearance over here at some stage too.

While I’m yet to hear the whole of Bliss Release, I’m fully aware of all the great press it’s received since it dropped in May. Word is that many became aware of them when they supported Vampire Weekend and instead of ignoring them in their impatience to hear the main act, the audience were won over by their catchy hooks and joyful exuberance.

Though I only have a few Cloud Control tracks in my library at the moment, they are good enough to warrant further exploration and I reckon Bliss Release might find itself a spot on my shelves next time I’m cruising my local record store. I’ll leave you to have a listen to ‘Vintage Books’ from their 2009 EP. It’s been on repeat all afternoon here. Catchy, innit?

Love all the black and white footage!

Vintage Books – Cloud Control