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Bandcamp has certainly become a bloody good place to find music. I mean, like myspace, it’s bound to be full of dross as well, but if you’re willing to do some digging it can yield some excellent results. It led me to Vadoinmessico for instance, who I’ve written about previously, as well as a few other gems I’m currently checking out and will be sure to share with you soon.

I came across Canadian artist Aidan Knight some weeks ago now during one of my bandcamp trawls, and I’ve become quite captivated by ‘Jasper’, a track that immediately won me over with its liberal use of what I think is a dobro. It also boasts a seriously infectious chorus that builds as the song progresses, turning into something of a singalong by the end. I love it.

Jasper – Aidan Knight

Aidan Knight’s March 2010 release Versicolour is available for digital download in one of those pay-what-you-like deals on bandcamp. You can also check out the ‘Jasper’ video at his website – a pretty neat piece of stop motion animation. I wanted to embed it here but WordPress doesn’t seem to like vimeo, and it doesn’t appear to have made it over to youtube yet.

I will leave you with this seriously gorgeous substitute though – Aidan Knight teaming up with fellow Canadian Dan Mangan to perform ‘Jasper’ atop a mountain somewhere in the snowcaps of British Columbia. Love the beanies, fellas.

Aidan Knight also has several live shows booked in his homeland throughout the next month – visit his myspace for details.

(image credit: Peter Gardner, via myspace)