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Just stopping by briefly to let you know I’m still here. The break is (probably) over I think – I feel like posting again, but I’m certainly not planning to maintain the frantic, breakneck pace that I was before.

Tonight I popped my ipod on briefly and was treated to ‘Giraffe’ by David Tattersall, lead singer of  England’s The Wave Pictures. Tattersall released his solo album Happy For A While earlier on this year.

I’ve not listened to the record nearly as much as I’d like to yet, but the first run through left me with the feeling that it’s the type of album that requires repeated listens to let it really sink in. And by that I don’t mean that I don’t like it – far from it – but that it doesn’t announce itself to you straight away. I think it will definitely prove to be a slow burner, and will further reward with repeated listens.

Having said that, I can already tell that what I love about The Wave Pictures – the melancholy, the self-deprecation and lyrics that marry the romantic and the absurd – is still present in Tattersall’s solo work, and ‘Giraffe’ also showcases the sheer restraint that is present in so much of his music. I keep waiting for that guitar to take off, and just when I think it’s about to rip off a riff or two, the moment passes. I guess the tension that creates is kind of perfect though, given the sense of romantic doom and defeat that’s a fairly frequent theme in the music he makes, both alone and with The Wave Pictures.

Giraffe – David Tattersall

I know I said this was only going to be a short post, but I also paid a visit to youtube in this ongoing hunt I’m on to find a decent video of my favourite WP song ‘Now You Are Pregnant’. I have seen the video below around before, but tonight I watched it all the way through for the first time and it’s actually kinda fantastic. I’d written it off previously because it’s a live performance and the vocal delivery is a little rough around the edges at times BUT I really love it because Jonny Helm – who steps out from behind the drums to sing it – forgets the words at what is a fairly pivotal moment in the song. What I love about this is his consternation and his beautifully sincere apology as he prepares himself to restart the verse for a very generous and appreciative crowd. I just wish the strings that are present on the recorded version could’ve made an appearance on stage. Ah well.

(I haven’t posted an mp3 of ‘Now You Are Pregnant’ here for the simple reason that I think I’ve already posted it here two or three times. I’m obsessed by it, it’s ridiculous. If you really want it and can’t find it anywhere else though, let me know in the comments and I’ll pop it up again)

(Image via indietracks, where you can also check out an interview with David Tattersall)