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I seem to be becoming something of a Song By Toad outpost here, what with all my commentary on Withered Hand and Meursault and all the other assorted wonderfuls that I seem to be constantly stumbling across over there.

Eagleowl are yet another band to emerge from the seriously fertile Edinburgh music scene, and one that I first heard over at SBT. Their four-track Into The Fold EP has completely stolen my attention this afternoon. I first listened proper during a chilly twilight walk last night. The sky was all rosy with sunset, the air was filled with chimney smoke and I couldn’t have asked for a better band to accompany me on my walk.

Title track ‘Into The Fold’ is stunning, all deep double bass and violin and vocals that are not afraid to take a backseat to all that beautiful string action. ‘Morpheus’ is the EP’s liveliest track, complete with uptempo ukulele (I think – correct me if I’m wrong) and some sweet boy/girl harmonies.

The latter half of the EP is where I think eagleowl really shine. The staggered start of ‘Eat Hats’ is just lovely, and it’s such a wonderful lead-in to closing track ‘No Conjunction’ that it wasn’t until I sat down to write about it this afternoon that I realised it has no vocals. It’s just a really beautiful piece of music, and it puts you into the sort of reflective mood that readies you for the slow burning beauty of ‘No Conjunction’, which I think would have to be my favourite track.

Now – this is a nine minute track, but you know what? I didn’t realise that either until I started writing about it. While it’s quite slow (in a good way) up until the 4:00 minute mark, just listen around 4:45 when the violin reaches that high note and the guitars suddenly break through. Then the vocals come in, the strings continue to build and all that tension created by the slow buildup dissipates. And I’ve said this before and I’m sure I’ll say it again… I love the violin.

So yes, eagleowl have created a gorgeous EP of the sort that leaves me in a lazy autumn afternoon kinda mood that’s really hard to shake off. I don’t mean that to sound trite, but it really is the kind of music you need to listen to while strolling on a crisp evening or inside a darkened room with lamplight in the corner and your feet before a fire. It’s not frantic, or demanding, or clingy. It asks nothing of you. It’s just there. And I really like that.

Now, Into The Fold is currently available on bandcamp for ₤4 (around $6.50 AUD) for the handmade CD version, or ₤3 ($4.90 AUD) for the immediate digital download. In the meantime you can check out promo track ‘Eat Hats’ below, but you’d have to be a fool not to at least go and have a listen to the rest of the EP, wouldn’t you?

Eat Hats – eagleowl

(EP cover image via bandcamp)