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There are two things I must tell you.

One: my blog has had something of a makeover. I’m guessing you’ve noticed this. If you haven’t I’m deeply wounded – you obviously haven’t been paying enough attention. It’s just a standard WordPress theme, but I think it’s still quite clean and fresh and I’m quite taken by it really. Thoughts?

Two: I’m officially in love with bandcamp. I’ve paid it a flighty visit or two since I first became aware of it around the start of the year, but it wasn’t until last night that I had a good look at it. It’s clean, easy to navigate and the buying process is quick and very simple.

Last night as I was stumbling blindly around it, I came across the seriously gorgeous five-piece folk outfit Vadoinmessico. It was the EP cover that caught my eye in the beginning actually:

I can’t tell you why, but I just love the album art. It only took one listen to ‘In Spain’ and ‘Cave’ for me to be convinced. I mean seriously, how can you not love this?

Based in London, but hailing from Italy, Mexico and Austria as well as England, Vadoinmessico are Giorgio Poti (guitar, vocals), Salvador Garza (melodica, glockenspiel, keyboards), Stephan B (banjo, percussion, keyboards), Alessandro Marrosu (bass) and Harry Sullivan (drums).

The seven-track Vadoinmessico EP will set you back just ₤5 (about $11 AUD, including postage), or you can pay ₤4 for the digital version in your choice of format. While I wait for my copy, I’ll be tiding myself over with these:

In Spain – Vadoinmessico

Cave – Vadoinmessico

Vadoinmessico have some dates booked throughout the summer festival season in the UK, with shows planned for London and further afield – visit their myspace for details.