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If you’re a blog junkie like myself, you’ve no doubt stumbled across the news that Band Of Horses are set to release their third album Infinite Arms on May 18. Although truth be told, you’ve probably done more than stumble across this information – been beaten repeatedly about the head with it might be a more accurate description. The hype is getting kinda ridiculous really, and can only be topped by the hype surrounding the other hotly anticipated album due out next month – I speak of course of The National’s High Violet.

Anyway, I was none too impressed with my first taste of Infinite Arms, which came in the form of ‘Compliments’, released to the masses a couple of weeks ago. I think it’s a pretty weak song, to be honest.

Compliments – Band Of Horses Removed. Debating the removal of this whole post actually, but we’ll wait and see.

This afternoon though I uploaded a week’s worth of downloads onto my ipod and was busy folding washing in my bedroom when the opening notes of ‘Factory’ swelled out of my stereo speakers. I listened, I loved, I listened again. Here at last was the BOH I knew.

I can’t pretend I wasn’t relieved. After being totally unmoved by ‘Compliments’ I was worried that the album was going to fall far short of my expectations. Of course, you can’t judge a record on just two tracks, but I must admit that ‘Factory’ has certainly gone a long way towards making me even more excited for this album.

Factory – Band of Horses Removed. I didn’t have to take this one down, but I’m going to anyway. Totally not worth the hassle.

I recently made a resolution though regarding Infinite Arms and The National’s High Violet – I’ve had enough of the hype and the talk and the hysteria. I’ve not heard the leaked version of High Violet and I’m not going to. I also won’t be listening to any more tracks that may or may not find their way onto the net before the release of these records. I want to hold these albums in my hand, to check out the packaging, to have time with both albums before telling you my thoughts. So there won’t be any more talk about Band Of Horses or The National on these pages until the albums are out and I can hear them properly.

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