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I was alerted via Twitter this morning of a surprise Woodpigeon EP called Spirehouse. The 5-track EP is available for the seriously low price of 3 Canadian dollars. That’s equal to $3.22 AUD – cheaper than bottle of Coke!


1. Spirehouse 04:27
2. Music for the Naturally Unhip 03:45
3. Don’t Fret, My Pet 03:34
4. Toil 03:22
5. Spirehouse (Shipshapen Remix) 03:48

You can stream the gorgeous title track ‘Spirehouse’ below – head to their bandcamp page to download it for free, and also for full purchase of the EP in your choice of format.

Woodpigeon also have a handful of dates scheduled in the UK and Europe next month – check their website for details.

Spirehouse – Woodpigeon

Music Belongs To Those Who Make It – Woodpigeon

Home Is A Romanticised Concept Where Everyone Loves You Always And Forever – Woodpigeon

Lay Your Love On Me (ABBA Cover) – Woodpigeon