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Have you seen Snow Cake? It’s a 2006 film starring Alan Rickman and Sigourney Weaver. Weaver plays an autistic woman who loses her daughter in a car accident after she accepts a ride with Alan Rickman’s character, Alex. Alex goes to apologise to her for his part in the accident and ends up staying a lot longer than he planned.

I really liked this movie. Not only does Weaver do a truly magnificent (and often quite amusing) job of portraying Linda, but Rickman is equally as powerful, playing the sad and lonely Alex, a man on a journey to escape the demons of his past – a tried and true formula by now, but you can’t deny that it works. Given the subject matter, the movie could’ve easily become sickly sweet and overly maudlin, but the script carries enough dark humour and the acting is so good that it remains realistic and relatively unsentimental.

I won’t give away any more of the movie, but I will say this – I love Alan Rickman. It’s all that sensitive brooding melancholy, and don’t lets be forgetting that voice. Nobody says ‘fuck’ quite like Alan Rickman.

I discovered after a quick wiki visit that Broken Social Scene scored the movie, but the track that stood out for me was Stereophonics‘ ‘Just Looking’. Have a listen below.

Just Looking – Stereophonics

Image courtesy of Lame Movies, who actually gave it a top review, which is just as well because I would’ve thought Nicholas Spark movies belonged more in that category myself. Ugh. Why do they keep making those??