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Cobbling together a few posts today I am, in preparation for a few days AWOL from the blog. Not to worry though, I’ve set some up to pop up periodically during my absence so those of you who simply can’t live without It All Started won’t be left totally bereft. Hi Mum. (Actually, my mum doesn’t read the blog – I don’t talk about Elvis and Dolly Parton enough. Love you Mum!)

Here are some tracks that have been languishing in my uploads folder, waiting patiently to be aired. My pick – the Old Believers tune. Top stuff. Although I love that Eels track too.

Granny’s Song – The Old Believers | myspace

Love Of The Loveless – Eels | myspace

Stringing Up Conkers – The Boy Least Likely To | myspace

Bermuda – Kisses | myspace

(Headphone image via this flickr stream)

And isn’t that a boring post title? Inspiration failed me today I’m afraid.