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(British Sea Power’s Yan – image courtesy of my sister, the lovely Elspeth)

I am so so late with this gig review that I’m afraid it might have to be done in dot points, with the aid of scattered notes that I wrote to myself on my phone throughout the show. It’s a bit grim really, isn’t it? I love British Sea Power. I loved this gig. Why I have not written about it til now? Who would know.

Here’s what I remember:

  • ‘True Adventures’ had a solo viola start which was all kinds of beautiful
  • My all time favourite BSP song ‘Great Skua’ was accompanied by a film featuring various kinds of bird life, but I couldn’t see any of it as I was standing directly below it. It was still awesome.
  • ‘Waving Flags’ and ‘No Lucifer’ were brilliant
  • Martin Noble recited a limerick in which he rhymed ‘bogan’ with ‘Paul Hogan’ and also included the word ‘cock’ in there somewhere
  • Noble also did a trick which involved him ‘drinking’ water through his ear and then spitting it into the crowd
  • He also crowd surfed, climbed a big pillar and hung from it upside down, and sat on an audience member’s shoulders while allowing him to play his guitar.

So yes, the whole show was brilliant and highly entertaining, and I’m sorry I can’t go into more detail. I’m a terrible blogger.

A couple of other thoughts:

  • I don’t know how our corner became the pogo/irish bloody jig dancing corner. If you want to dance like an idiot and take up the same amount of space that ten normal gig-going people would generally occupy, DO IT UP THE BACK DAMMIT! (that’s a direct quote from my brief phone notes)
  • Opening band Seagull were really quite awful. I don’t like to be too negative here at It All Started, but I’d hate for you to see them on a lineup somewhere and go out of your way to check them out. There are three of them – a bass player who holds his bass too high, a fairly inoffensive accordian player and a lead ‘singer’ (I use this term loosely) who I believe was suffering from sadly misdirected delusions of grandeur. He also insisted on pronouncing ‘Seagull’ as ‘Seeeeeeeeeeeaa-gull’. It was probably the most in tune he sounded all night.

The Great Skua – British Sea Power

British Sea Power have tour dates booked in the UK during April and May, ahead of the release of an as yet unnamed album due out later this year – check their website for details.