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Two covers have been doing the blog rounds this week. One of them I was fortunate enough to hear live on Monday morning. Triple J have been doing Like A Version for years now, inviting touring bands into the studio to perform both their own songs, as well as a cover version that’s often far removed from the music that the band usually plays (like The Wiggles covering AC/DC’s ‘It’s A Long Way To The Top’). Every year they release a CD featuring the best ones (which is where that Regina/John Lennon cover came from that I posted earlier this month).

Dirty Projectors were in the studio earlier this month and did a simply gorgeous version of Bob Dylan’s ‘Dark Eyes’. I love the harmonies and the simple instrumentation. Lovely stuff.

Dark Eyes (Bob Dylan Cover) – Dirty Projectors

It’s no secret that I’m a big fan of all things Sigur Ros, so when I got wind of lead singer (and now solo artist) Jonsi covering MGMT’s ‘Time To Pretend’, I had to have a listen. I love the way he’s adapted the words, leaving some out and giving certain lines either a whole new meaning, or an added poignancy. And yeah, I feel like a bit of a dick using the word ‘poignancy’, but listen to the line ‘yeah it’s overwhelming what can we do? get jobs, wake up, commute’. I dunno, it works for me.

Time To Pretend (MGMT Cover) – Jonsi

Dirty Projectors are on the road at the moment, with Jonsi set to embark on a US/European tour in April – check their websites for dates. You can also join the Dirty Projectors mailing list in order to receive a free digital download.

(Dirty Projectors image from here, Jonsi image from here)