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Eagleowl describing themselves: We are a lo-fi post folk ensemble from Edinburgh, Scotland. We try and make the best music we can. Nothing more, nothing less. I like it.

Eagleowl recently recorded a live session (music and video) with Matthew over at Song By Toad and it’s simply lovely. I’m particularly taken by ‘Blanket’. It’s a bit of a slow burner, but the way the strings build, fade and then break in again is beautiful.

Blanket (Toad Session) – Eagleowl

Eagleowl recently released a single, Sleep The Winter, which you can check out on their myspace. ‘Laughter’ is the b-side on the single, which you can listen to below, but I’ve not made it available for download because they’re only asking ₤1 for the digital version or ₤3.50 for the limited edition hand wrapped 7″ vinyl – visit their bandcamp page to purchase. Make sure you check out the rest of the live session as well – it’s definitely worth a look.

Laughter – Eagleowl

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