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A bumper crop of inbox fodder for you this week.

My pick: ‘Sailor’ by The Gertrudes & PS I Love You. I can’t get enough of this song today. It’s all yearning vocals and building rhythms, the horn section partway through is magnificent and the end crescendo is wonderful. I just love it.

Say a prayer for the lovers lost at sea, sailing to her shore…

Sailor – The Gertrudes & PS I Love You (Canada) | The Gertrudes myspace | PS I Love You myspace

That’s not to say you shouldn’t give these a spin either…

Dillusion – Chantilly (USA) | myspace (free 3 track download available)

The Soul Train – The Delta Riggs (Australia – the Blue Mountains actually. What a gorgeous part of the world that is) | myspace

Twenty Two – Wakey! Wakey! (USA) | myspace

Dreaming Of You – War Tapes (USA) | myspace | buy

Some Demons You Can Share With Others – Borrowed Eyes (USA) | myspace (debut album Some Demons You Can Share With Others out now)

Bonus mp3:

Slaves – Borrowed Eyes

Where Does It Sleep – Uncles (USA) | myspace (debut album Replacing Word with Other Words out April 15)

Bonus mp3:

Settler’s Song – Uncles

(The cute mailbox image is one of many gorgeous shots featured here)