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Something of an eclectic collection for you today, which I guess is inevitable when you press that little shuffle button! I’ve included the location of each artist, as well as myspace linkage for further listening. Make sure you check out Hello Saferide (‘Anna’ is a gorgeous song), Malcolm Middleton and Sam Baker in particular. I find that Matt Pond PA track is best played nice and loud as well.

Hail Mary – Young Lords | myspace (USA)

Bad Connection – Eulogies | myspace (USA)

Hey You – Malcolm Middleton | myspace (Scotland)

Anna- Hello Saferide | myspace (Sweden)

Orphan – Sam Baker | myspace (USA)

Owl Waltz – Seabear | myspace (Iceland)

Starting – Matt Pond PA | myspace (USA)

The Price – Dappled Cities | myspace (Australia)

Photobooth – Death Cab For Cutie | myspace (USA)

Only The Good Die Young (Billy Joel Cover) – After The Fall | myspace (Australia)

(Retro headphone image lifted from here)