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I’ve been all kinds of excited since I heard this news via the wonders of twitter earlier today.

Carissa’s Wierd (whose members are now involved with various other projects including Band Of Horses and Grand Archives) are set to reunite for at least one show over in Seattle I believe, which doesn’t excite me at all since I’m about as far away from Seattle as you can get, but what DOES excite me is this:

July 13th will see the release of They’ll Only Miss You When You Leave: Songs 1996-2003 which I guess is a kind of best-of type thing, but there are whispers about their back catalogue being reissued as well.

Since discovering these guys last March (almost to the day!), a mere six years after they broke up, I’ve struggled to find much of their stuff online and I’m stoked that it might soon be possible to pick up proper physical copies of their albums.

Here’s what I was saying about them this time last year:

Why am I only discovering these guys now? Formed in 1995, disbanded in 2003 and the worst part of it is that I’ve only been able to track down a handful of songs. All have gone on to other projects (Band of Horses included – can hardly complain about that one!) but I’d love to know how they’d sound were they still around now. Those strings! Those melodies! All that melancholy introspection. This is gorgeous, melting, aching stuff.

Visit Twenty Four Bit to check out the full tracklisting of They’ll Only Miss You When You Leave: Songs 1996-2003, and then wrap your ears around these:

Blankets Stare (Live) – Carissa’s Wierd (give this one a chance – it’s a slow burner)

All Apologies and Smiles, Yours Truly Ugly Valentine – Carissa’s Wierd

You can hear more from Carissa’s Wierd over at their myspace – they haven’t logged in over there since 2007, but there are still tracks uploaded for play. Check out ‘Color That Your Eyes Changed’ as well, it’s another one of my favourites.

And yes, they spell ‘Wierd’ incorrectly. No, I don’t know why.