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The Wave Pictures are responsible for one of my favourite songs.

Now You Are Pregnant – The Wave Pictures

They are also responsible for a new-ish website that features a shirtload of mp3s available for download. There are radio session tracks, alternate versions of previously released songs and several covers – like this one:

A Change Is Gonna Come (Sam Cooke Cover) – The Wave Pictures

The Wave Pictures added to their seriously impressive catalogue last year with the release of If You Leave It Alone and I am quite partial to this unreleased alternate version of ‘Strawberry Cables’, which appeared as the second last track on the album.

Strawberry Cables (Alternate Version) – The Wave Pictures

You can also check out a ton of videos, including this La Blogotheque performance of the gorgeous ‘January and December’, an mp3 that is also available for download on the site.

What I want to know though is why, after tons of searching, I can’t find a decent video of ‘Now You Are Pregnant’ anywhere?

(Image from the band’s website)