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A week ago I moved from hotmail over to gmail, which prompted a seriously belated overhaul of my inbox. Consequently, I’ve spent way more time than I care to think about this week going through the 2000+ emails that were languishing away in there, and to be honest, with over 700 left I just went “sod it” and binned the rest. It had to be done I’m afraid.

Today we start afresh! Here’s what made it through.

Plastic Shadow – mr. Gnome | myspace

Crutch and Cane – Peter Wolf Crier | myspace

Living/Breathing – Mesita | myspace

So Long St. Christopher – Goldheart Assembly | myspace

Sweetness – Air Waves | myspace

Healing Hands – Citizen Cope | myspace

Well Alright – Peasant | myspace

If you have sent me something recently and you’re worried that I may have binned it (and chances are I have) please feel free to send it to me again, and I’ll have a much greater chance of finding it in my shiny new inbox. Check out the ‘Music Submissions’ tab at the top of this page for further info about submitting your music.

Image via techcafeteria