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Totally unrelated photo: Wheelbarrow Planters

Suggestion: Order your favourite takeaway and eat it lying on the carpet in your living room. Unless it’s soup. That could get messy. It’d be your own fault though, I mean who orders takeaway soup?

Suggestion: Grab some old paperbacks and get all DIY with this book strap side table.

Suggestion: Watch the latest season of Weeds or The Office online because they’re not out in Australia yet.

Suggestion: Kick off the weekend with 8 in a row from my 2010 playlist (songs downloaded in 2010, not necessarily released in 2010). It was going to be 10 but the net has been a little uncooperative today and I was getting pretty tired of the slow upload times.

Thirty Reasons – Octoberman

King Of Spain – The Tallest Man On Earth

Falling From The Sun – Autumn Leaf

Ambling Alp – Yeasayer

Modern Drift – Efterklang

Town – The Bowers

5 Steps 7 Swords – Get Well Soon

Mullokian – FOUND

(image credit: me!)