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I named them in my Top 5 Releases of 2009 and they’re already poised to unleash another record upon us! My Son’s Home by Roadside Graves was a standout last year. Here’s what I wrote:

With a name that sounds more like a metal outfit than a troupe of country rockers, these guys have created a richly narrative driven collection of songs. Each track touches on death and mortality, exploring it through the use of husky vocals, tinkling piano, multiple tempo changes and countless sing along moments. This album has accompanied me on many a road trip and many an evening run and remains a frequent favourite. Highlights include ‘Ruby’, ‘Far And Wide’, ‘My Father Sat Me Down’ and ‘Valley’.

Last week new track ‘Liv Tyler’ from the forthcoming March 16 release You Won’t Be Happy With Me was unleashed via Stereogum, and it’s an absolute corker. The signature drums and gravelly vocals are all there, and that tempo change around the 2.40 mark is EXACTLY why I love these guys – they can turn a husky lament into an absolute barnstormer in a matter of seconds.

If we didn’t have to worry about money, we’d be alright

I’m loving their current prolificity (yeah, it’s a word, I checked). Long may it continue!

Liv Tyler – Roadside Graves

Bonus mp3:

My Father Sat Me Down – Roadside Graves

Image via the wonderful Hear Ya – check out their live session with Roadside Graves here