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I’m in Melbourne this week house sitting. Tomorrow I plan to tram it into the city and hit up all the shops that we don’t have in my country town, like JB HiFi and Mag Nation and Borders. Although I won’t actually buy anything in Borders – I will browse and find something wonderful to read over coffee, and then bugger off and buy it cheaper somewhere else. Cue evil laugh…

This week’s photos will all be Melbourne shots I take as I’m hotfooting it around this beautiful city. There’s something of a rivalry between Melbourne and Sydney as to which city is the prettiest, and while Sydney is gorgeous with all its harbourside views and whatnot, Melbourne still has a pull over me that Sydney never will. Mind you, the fact that I spent most of my childhood in Melbourne, head down there on weekends fairly regularly and have only been to Sydney maybe a dozen times… well that might have something to do with it too. Maybe.

Sydney’s got that harbour
And Adelaide’s got those churches
Brisbane’s very hot a lot of the time
And Perth’s very far away

Melbourne – Scared Weird Little Guys (beware – cultural references ahead!)

The above three photos were all taken today, by the way. Melbourne is also known for its highly unpredictable weather patterns – please note the differences in sky colour in each picture. These were all taken within a half hour or so, during which I was bathed in sunlight, whipped by wind and drenched in rain. I’m forced to say it, though please rest assured that I employ an exasperated tone of affection – bloody Melbourne!

Summer In The City – Regina Spektor (I’d forgotten just how good this is!)

The Man Of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts – Sufjan Stevens (no real relevance, but I’ve been listening to it this evening and it’s wonderful)