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I could do this too if it didn’t hurt to go outside

It’s currently 40C outside, and 32C inside my house. With the cooler on.

I don’t think it’s working.

I’ve spent this Saturday morning cleaning my house because a) it was a bloody mess and b) I’m going away next week and while I’m not a neat freak (obviously) I hate coming back to a messy house.

I’m sure you needed to know that.

The point is, the only way I could get through the sweaty boring crap of it all was playing a few toe tapping tunes.

Information is scant on Melbourne’s Loon Lake. All I received was a brief email and an mp3 and they don’t appear to have a myspace. Still, check out the track below. It’s catchy pop/rock and one line mentions ‘jarmies’ instead of pyjamas and that’s ok by me.

Into The Office – Loon Lake

This track by The Vandelles is best served loud.

Lovely Weather – The Vandelles

I don’t know a lot about Harlem, but this track from their forthcoming April release Hippies indicates that a fun album may be on its way.

Friendly Ghost – Harlem

Another ‘Lake’ band, and one that everyone seems to be talking about at the moment. In my usual haphazard way I’ve only heard a couple of Bear Lake tracks so far but I really like this one, especially the hints of pedal steel in the background.

You’re Only Waiting – Bear Lake