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Ugh. This post has not come easy today. It’s just like me, to slide into a blogging slump on the day that should be at my best, on top of my game, riding high, whatever other cliche you’d like to name. It All Started turns two today, and what do I do? I slump. I think it’s because I wanted this post to be extra special or something because it’s a bit of a milestone. Performance anxiety. Stupid really.

Anyway – It All Started is now two years old and I’m kinda proud of that because I certainly didn’t have any conscious thoughts of longevity when I started this thing, living alone in a big (really big!) empty student house and spending the summer working nights and blogging the days away. I do remember how exciting it was when people actually started visiting the site and even commenting though, and that never really dies down I think. Heaps of bloggers seem to like to maintain this cool don’t-care attitude when it comes to stats and downloads and whatnot but I don’t see the point of that really – we’re all conscious of the fact that we’re writing for an audience, and I can’t imagine anyone not enjoying it when their stats start climbing.

This time last year I talked about how much I’ve enjoyed forming links with other bloggers, and I’ve continued to build upon them in 2009. There are a heap of talented bloggers listed to your left of screen and I encourage you to visit all of them and check out the fantastic music recommendations they have on offer. Twitter has helped me make these connections too – even though I was skeptical and haphazard in my use of it in the beginning, I can certainly see its value in terms of interacting with other bloggers and readers, and keeping up with band updates and events. I’ve recently jumped on the tumblr bandwagon too because, you know, I need two blogs. You can find my tumblr here and I need more people to follow, so let me know where you tumble too!

I signed up for the Countdown Challenge back in November as well – it’s a reading challenge that requires me to read 55 books by October. There are specific limitations that I won’t go into right now, but you can check out the info here and even sign up yourself if you want to. I’ve been reviewing all the books I’ve been reading as I go, so you might even find a book or two to check out yourself. I’m actually thinking of making it into a separate blog that links here instead of just one page but that’s a job for later on when I’m not so busy lying on the couch watching the cricket or stretched out reading on my bed under the cooler or drinking beer out on the porch (I’m on holidays until the end of January… can you tell?).

So, to wrap up this babble, let me thank you for stopping by both today, and in the past if you’re one of the regulars. Speaking of which, if you are a regular reader and you’ve never commented before, please speak up now, I’d love to hear from you! To those of you who’ve been dagging about here since the beginning, thanks for hanging around and for commenting and recommending and supporting the site. I really do love doing this and it’s wonderful to know that there are people out there who get some enjoyment from reading my thoughts and general wafflings about music and the occasional non-music guff that I sometimes throw in for good measure.

It’s been a great two years – here’s hoping the next is even better!

I leave you with a few songs and artists that I missed in 2009, either because I was too slack to check them out, or too much of a snob to believe all the hype.

Until we meet again….

When My Time Comes – Dawes

Blood Bank (Live) – Bon Iver

My Girls – Animal Collective