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Fireworks over the Sydney Opera House

And so we come to the last post of the year. As I’m using a PC at my parents’ place because my laptop is currently a virus infested pile of uselessness (yeah thanks, hackers) and I’m sitting down the hall in the extremely un-air conditioned part of the house, this will be brief!

New Year’s Eve will be a fairly low key event for me this year, as it is most years. I don’t get too caught up in the whole New Year’s stuff I have to say. Last year I did go down to Melbourne for the whole fireworks in the city experience (haven’t done the Sydney one you see pictured above though), but all I really remember is getting trapped in a big bottleneck crowd crush, unable to escape for nearly 40 mins. It was hot and sticky and I don’t cope with crowds at the best of times, let alone in the middle of a heatwave. Ugh, never again.

I will leave you today with a hodgepodge of new tracks (well new to me at least) that I’ve been sampling this week. Have a fantastic New Year’s Eve, whatever highjinks or antics you get up to, and I look forward to talking to you all and sharing more wonderful music with you next year. Here’s to 2010! Oh, and there’s apparently going to be a blue moon tonight, so in honour of this event I’ve included a little something from a certain man you may have heard of, Mr Elvis Presley. Enjoy!

Blue Moon – Elvis Presley

Midfield Maestro – There Will Be Fireworks (unintentional teaming with the theme there – go me!)

Music Belongs To Those Who Make It – Woodpigeon

Beach Comber – Real Estate

Regret – Wye Oak

Queen Drum – Young Galaxy

Weightless One – Two Hours Traffic