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I think I’ve told you this before, but I often download songs without listening to them first. Usually, it’s the words that accompany the song that convince me to grab it, although exceptions to this rule include songs by bands I’m already familiar with or covers.

Once I’ve got a bit of a stash happening, I’ll load them all onto my iPod and listen to these unknown songs all in one go, quite often while I’m exercising. I’ve not been running as often as I used to because I got my bike all fixed up so I’ve been riding in the mornings instead. I usually follow the same route, which includes riding over a bridge, following dusty river tracks and back over the bridge where I then snake around the quiet streets of my neighbourhood. It’s lovely.

Yesterday morning was a stash morning, where I dumped a whole lot of unknown stuff on the pod while I tied my shoes, remembering to lace one through my house key, which I’m terribly paranoid about leaving behind (yep, I’m a freak). This track popped up fairly early in my ride, and I was immediately hooked. Fittingly titled ‘Bicycle’, it’s by Yarn Owl who hail from Washington USA (thanks to Music For Robots for the heads up).

Simple lyrics, sung with a barely a breath between them, paint a picture of a girl riding her bicycle through the streets on her way home.

you on a bicycle riding down the street
am i gonna meet you tonight?
maybe in a park maybe in a dream
that sounds more right to me
what ya gotta do that you need to be
pedalling your bike at such a speed?
you on a bicycle, such a lovely girl…

The second half of the song steps it down a notch, words are more spaced and take on a yearning wistfulness.

you’re coming home from your job at the library
all the way across the bridge
you’re coming home from your job at the library
memory repeats the clip

Oh, I just love it.

Bicycle – Yarn Owl

Bonus mp3

Yarn Blues – Yarn Owl

Want more from Yarn Owl? Head to their website to buy their recently released cassette (yes, you read that right) Tiny Dots, which fortunately comes with a digital download, which is lucky really because I haven’t seen a cassette player in years and my trusty old Walkman died many moons ago.

Image: That’s my bike, Old Faithful. Previously used on the odd occasions we couldn’t convince Mum to take us to the bus stop and had to make our own way. Recently recalled into service and performing admirably.