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I’m not a big fan of Christmas songs that go on and on about snow and whatnot because it’s summer here now and it doesn’t snow here in winter, let alone summer! The problem is though that whenever someone attempts to write an Aussie Christmas song, it’s so tryhard and embarrassing that I can’t listen without cringing and  feeling an urgent need to stuff a barbecued shrimp up my nose.

Still, I try my best to put my prejudices aside in favour of providing you with some halfway decent Christmas songs and so you may find a few snow references here, and for that I both apologise and say ‘you’re welcome’.

Let It Snow – A Fine Frenzy (it’s got snow, obviously, but it’s still quite lovely)

Xmas Duel – The Hives & Cyndi Lauper (this one is just rude!)

In Excelsis Deo – There Will Be Fireworks (this is WONDERFUL and courtesy of the fabulous Tart)

Snow Angels – Boca Chica (no mention of Christmas, but it has sleighbells!)

George Bailey – Carolyn Sills (festive ode to ‘It’s A Wonderful Life’)