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I’ve been watching High Fidelity today.

(Quick summary for those who haven’t seen it, lifted straight from wiki because I’m lazy… The plot of High Fidelity centers on Rob Gordon (John Cusack), a self-confessed audiophile whose flair for understanding women is less than par for the course. After getting dumped by his current girlfriend, Laura (Iben Hjejle), he decides to look up some of his old flames in an attempt to figure out what he keeps doing wrong in his relationships.

He spends his days at his record store, Championship Vinyl, where he holds court over the customers that drift through. Helping Rob in his task of musical elitism are Dick (Todd Louiso) and Barry (Jack Black), the “musical moron twins,” as he refers to them. Armed with an encyclopedic knowledge of all things musical, they compile “top five” lists for every conceivable occasion, openly mock the ignorance of their customers, and, every so often, actually sell a few records.)

While I’m not really a John Cusack fan, and the brief yet irritating appearances of Catherine Zeta Jones do nothing for me, I still really enjoy this movie and it’s because of all the record store scenes. I love the mockery and open hostility that Barry (Jack Black) displays towards their customers and how he refuses to sell records to those he deems unworthy. It’s mean and elitist but also bloody hilarious.

While I like the whole movie, the part I’m always hanging out for when I watch it is the record launch at the end, an event that Barry and his new band muscle in on, despite Rob begging them not to participate, fearing that they’ll be awful and everyone will leave. Barry turns up looking all snappy in a suit and they immediately launch into a great cover of Marvin Gaye’s ‘Let’s Get It On’ and blow the crowd away. It’s a fantastic scene.

Let’s Get It On (Marvin Gaye Cover) – Jack Black

Let’s Get It On (Live) – Marvin Gaye