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When I heard ‘Oslo Novelist’ by Grand Archives for the first time a few days ago, I loved it immediately – so much so, that it became a late entry in my Festive 50, actually barging its way into the top 10. I’d heard of Grand Archives before but it wasn’t until this week I found out they’re led by Mat Brooke, ex-Carissa’s Wierd and Band Of Horses guitarist. I can certainly hear the Carissa’s Wierd influence on this track, and so it’s no bloody wonder I love them.

‘Oslo Novelist’, from the recently released Keep In Mind Frankenstein is a gorgeous track featuring shimmering pedal steel (I worship pedal steel), lovely backing vocals and delicate sleighbells at just the right moments. I dare you not to love it.

Oslo Novelist – Grand Archives

A quick Daytrotter visit also netted this gem from their May 2008 session:

Louis Riel (Daytrotter Session) – Grand Archives

And because I can never miss an opportunity to post a Carissa’s Wierd tune:

The Color That Your Eyes Changed With The Color Of Your Hair – Carissa’s Wierd

Bonus coverage:

Chelsea Hotel No. 2 (Leonard Cohen Cover) – Carissa’s Wierd & Sam Beam

And let’s round it off with a video of ‘Torn Blue Foam Couch’ from their debut self-titled 2008 release:

Image from the Grand Archives myspace.