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Hi, I’m Agnes, and I’m an addict – mainly TV shows on DVD like Weeds and The Office and Scrubs, and more recently CSI NY. I blame Gary Sinise.

Tonight however I made the monumental decision to turn off the TV and give my ipod some extra attention. I’ve been meaning to post about The Silent Years for weeks now and I’ve been listening to a few tracks off their 2009 EP Let Go on repeat as I’ve cleaned my kitchen, hung some photos and measured my couch for new covers. Just another rockin’ Monday night.

I’ll begin with ‘Forest Fire’, which features a tinkly melody and great lines like your favorite day might just have been a part of someone’s worst weekend. ‘Taking Drugs At The Amusement Park’ has some edgy guitar action and I love the sporadic high pitched keys and the ‘hey hey hey’ bits near the end.

‘Madame Shocking’ is by far my favourite of the bunch though and it’s mostly due to one thing: strings. Yep, here I go again… just listen to them. Gorgeous. The first couple of verses match the floating nature of the opening string melody featuring lyrics like:

I own all of my failures and pleasures though some
of my trash might be somebody’s treasure and I know
how it feels, I was born in the 80’s, and spent the past
seven years hoping you’d take me away

I got lonely for whatever reason
it must have had something to do with the season
her body was warm and corroded from liquor
but blood carries everything–that’s why it’s thicker than water

Take note of the beautiful piano, catchy xylophone riff and the occasional falsetto also. And how can you not love that tempo change just before the one minute mark?

Madame Shocking – The Silent Years

The band is The Silent Years: check out their website, haunt their myspace and head to SideCho Records for CD purchases, lyric info and more.