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I had Triple J on in the car on the way home from dinner tonight and this live gem came on. I was totally zoned out and not really paying attention so I didn’t hear a word of the announcer’s intro, but as soon as the music kicked in I sat up and took notice, going so far as to sit in my carport, frantically entering lyrics into my phone so that I could google it once I made it inside.

After a few hit and misses during my search (I had misheard some of the words, naturally) I discovered the track was a live take of the superb ‘Roll Away Your Stone’ from the recently released debut album Sigh No More by the UK’s Mumford and Sons. I’d heard good things about these guys but I hadn’t paid them much attention til now – more fool me, I say.

A quick youtube visit netted this video (just listen to that banjo!), and an mp3, and I believe much of my evening will be spent tracking down more of their stuff to fall in love with. Make sure you visit their myspace as well – give them your email address and they will give you a download of the newly recorded ‘Sister’. Enjoy!

Roll Away Your Stone (Live) – Mumford and Sons

If you’re still hankering for some more live gear and you haven’t discovered the Hear Ya live sessions yet, now’s the time. The Low Anthem stopped by recently and recorded this beautiful set for your listening pleasure.

I want my own studio. Now.

And how gorgeous is ‘This God Damn House’? It’s stunning. This recording is from the Newport Folk Festival in August, but the Hear Ya version is also wonderful.

This God Damn House (Live) – The Low Anthem

Bonus live mp3:

Falling Slowly (Live) – Glen Hansard & Marketa Irglova

(Thanks Sandy!)

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