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Not only have I neglected my blog this last little while, but I’ve also been quite lax in my contribution to the Contrast Podcast. Last week I was all ready to return triumphant to an episode concerning The Hair, but I was scuppered by my cold and my subsequent croaky voice. I don’t go all husky when I have a cold but sound more like a frog in the final throes of death.

I was planning on contributing a gorgeous track by the now defunct Carissa’s Wierd. You can check this out below, plus a couple of other options I found after a quick scan of my ever increasing music library. Enjoy.

The Color That Your Eyes Changed With The Color Of Your Hair – Carissa’s Wierd

Haircut – The Waifs

Hairdo – Little Birdy

Image: Do these not freak you out? You can find more examples of Japanese artist and designer Nagi Noda’s ‘hairhats’ here. (Thanks to Tim for the idea!)