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Oh blog. How I’ve neglected you.

Between a bad cold, the last few days of school and my lame attempts to pack boxes in preparation for moving house this week, I’ve just not been up to posting. And it’s not like I haven’t had the opportunity. You would think that spending my two days off this week lying on my bed in a germ-ridden stupor would be the perfect opportunity to get some blog action happening, but instead I watched The Office (US version) and read Dan Brown’s latest (more on that later – let’s just say I was less than impressed) and downed Aspro and cough medicine like nobody’s business. And now it seems that my cold has now developed into a nice healthy chest infection. Oh joy.

The upshot of all this sickness is that I’ve not been able to compete in the run I told you about a little while ago. A friend and I were all geared up for it but she’s had to go ahead without me which has been pretty disappointing. Still, we’re booked in for another one in November and there are two more in December that look pretty promising. I will triumph yet.

I’ve also put the box packing on hold these last couple of days, but I’m hoping that the removal fairies will show up while I’m sleeping tonight and have it all done by Thursday. I’m moving into a unit in town which will be great but it’ll take me a little while to get the internet organised, so I’m going to endeavour today to get a few posts scheduled to pop up in the next week or so while I’m busy trying to remember where I packed that toaster and wondering where I am when I wake in the night.

A Lot Of Moving – The Avett Brothers